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Relaxation / Mood supplement - No Prescription - 100% natural - Relax


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Relax - reduce Stress and Find Your Inner Calm
Escape Your Anxiety, Depression and Stress With a Natural Mood Booster that Revitalizes Your Mind!The world we live in is full of stress and anxiety, so there is no shortage of things that can cause you to feel stressed out and prevent you from feeling your best. But with Suptamin Stress Relief, you can overcome the stress, anxiety and depression that you face using all-natural ingredients that benefit your body and mind.

Relax helps you by: Relieving your stress and allowing your mind to relax. Helping you to come out of a dark mood and enjoy your day more. Curb your anxiety and regain control of your mood. Relieve physical tension and fatigue that negative stress causes. Feel more in control when dealing with stressful problems or personal issues. Clear your mind and feel more peaceful and centered. Find your natural emotional balance. Become more productive and take on more tasks without taking on additional stress.And it does all this using only 100% natural stress-relieving ingredients! No more harsh chemicals or medications that damage your body or produce unhealthy side effects.


 Composition "Relax"

raw materials
CAS no/spec
weight per capsule  


Chinese magnolia 
EP: bark 8% HPLC (5%honokiol+3%magnolol) 
Latin/scientific name: Magnolia officinalis


100 mg

EP: ratio 5:1 water soluble 
Latin/scientific name: Turnera diffusa

25 mg

EP: assay min. 97% 
Latin/scientific name: Cis-1,2,3,5-trans-4,6-Cyclohexanehexol

50 mg

Small-leaved bacopa/ brahmi
EP: ratio 10:1 
Latin/scientific name: Bacopa monnieri

50 mg

EP: assay min 98,5% 
Latin/scientific name: 2-Amino-3-phenyl-propanoic acid

75 mg

Siberian ginseng
EP: 0,8% eleutherosides B&E 
Latin/scientific name: Eleutherosides

50 mg

Nightcap herb
EP: 15% 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP)
Latin/scientific name: Griffonia

25 mg

Vitamin B5
EP: assay min. 98,5 % 
Latin/scientific name: Calcium pantothenate

75 mg



The vegetarian capsule shells are made from Cellulose.
This plant compound is extracted from bark and plant parts which are melted easily by gastric acid.
The so-called Vega caps are hypo- allergenic and are tolerated by most people.



Please read before using these instructions always on.
Do not take more than 2 capsule per 24 hours
Only to be used by adults
One capsule is equivalent to a single dose.
Use 1 to 2 capsules daily for optimum results.
Swallow the whole capsule with a glass of water.
When should I not use Relax?
It is not recommended to use Relax in cases of: heart problems, pregnancy, in combination with other medicines and hypersensitivity to one of the ingredients
Always consult a doctor if you are experiencing one of the symptoms described above / in case of doubt
Relax will have few to no side-effects when used according to instructions.
Store in the original packaging and at room temperature (15-25 ºC)
Keep out of the reach of children
Best used before:
See the packaging or strip